Life isn't always beautiful...

...but its a beautiful ride

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Someone who gave a damn

Cassie, 28 y/o from Pennsylvania. I enjoy many different things, just look at my interests!!! Mostly I love hockey and I am supersitious. I am also pretty gullible, which at times is sad. I am horribly sarcastic, so beware. It doesnt come across online, which is a bad habit of mine.

I'm a GRADUATE (See: welcome to adult life) of The Pennsylvania State University, with a degree in Human Development and Family Studies.

I currently working at a local daycare as a teacher for 2 year olds. Yeah sure, go ahead and laugh, but while you are doing customer service or retail I am building castles with blocks.

Life is only as good as the memories you make.

www.THON.org -The Pennsylvania State University, IFC/Panelhenic Dance Marathon. All money raised goes to the Four Diamond Fund and Hershey Medical center to help fight pediatric cancer. All money raised goes to families in need of treatment as well as towards research to help find a cure for pediatric cancer. Starting in October, the fundraising window opens and up until the middle of February money is collected. In February there is a 48 (well now it is 46) hour dance marathon where 700+ Penn State students pledge to stand on their feet for 48 hours, no sitting or sleeping. There are over 1,000+ committee members dedicated to counting money, building sets, keeping the dancer morale up, and maintaining security throughout the event.

I had the pleasure of dancing, and there is no feeling in the world like it. 48 hours with No sleep, pain in every part of your body and every emotion running through you, there are simply no words for it.

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